The Acting Biz:
A Career Guide to the Twin Cities

Beth’s Classes


Upcoming on-camera and business of acting workshops:
June 4, 6-9pm: Better on-camera auditions! ($85)
June 18, 6-9pm: The business of acting in the Twin Cities – seminar with Q&A ($50)
June 19, 6-9pm: Better on-camera auditions! ($85)

For more information or to register for on-camera and business workshops:
e-mail: Beth at bethchaplin dot com
(Email address encrypted to avoid robots!)

VOICE-OVER WORKSHOPS!   Visit for my current VO workshop offerings with audio engineer, Tom Hambleton — and occasional special guest coaches, Tina Zaremba (NY), Mark Beninghofen and Leigha Horton. (Special guest coming in the fall of 2018 from L.A.  Details coming soon!)

SMALL GROUP COACHING:  Contact me if you’re interested in small group or private coaching.  I work primarily with actors with some training and experience.  If you’re a beginning actor, please see the many resources listed in the book.

The best way to schedule a class is to gather a small group of actors (3-6 people) and contact me to work out dates.  I will be happy to coordinate a space and time for your group.  Beth [at] bethchaplin [dot] com

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