The Acting Biz:
A Career Guide to the Twin Cities

Private and Small Group Coaching

Small group workshops available on request.  Gather a small group of actors and contact me to discuss your on-camera or voice-over workshop.

You must have prior training or experience (with Beth or others) before scheduling individual coaching sessions.

Cost: $100 per hour  

This rate is the same for private coaching or a class.  For example, if you gather a group of four actors for a session, you would split that hourly rate among the four actors.  Thus, a two hour class would cost each person $25 per hour, for a total of $50 per person.  If you arrange all the logistics for a class (coordinating students and schedule), discounts are a possibility.

I recommend small group work over private work for most on-camera and voiceover classes.  There are “aha” moments that happen when observing another actor working through similar concepts.  I’m happy to coach privately, if you prefer.

Contact Beth to discuss venue and schedule.