The Acting Biz:
A Career Guide to the Twin Cities

Upcoming workshops:

June 4, 6-9pm: Better on-camera auditions! ($85)
June 18, 6-9pm: The business of acting in the Twin Cities – seminar with Q&A ($50)
June 19, 6-9pm: Better on-camera auditions! ($85)

For more information or to register for on-camera and business workshops:
e-mail: Beth at bethchaplin dot com
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VOICE-OVER:  Visit for the current schedule and registration.


Why train with Beth?

“Beth really helped me get away from focusing on how my voice sounded to how to connect with the script/copy in an authentic way. (After working with her my bookings really went up!) And even more valuable, Beth tells it like it is.  If you want someone to tell you how great your voice is and that getting into voiceovers is easy, go somewhere else.  But if you want someone who truly wants you to improve, doesn’t want you to waste your money and knows the real scoop about this business…Beth should be your first stop.”  (Gigi Jensen)

“Beth creates an open, comfortable and encouraging atmosphere in her class which puts the actor at ease.  I broke through barriers and had “aha” moments. Now, through little tricks, practice and feedback from Beth I feel confident and prepared for any audition or on-camera job.”  (Ingrid Moss)

“Beth brings a feeling of safety to her classes. Your naiveté, your fears, your clumsy search to “get it right” are safe with her so you can make mistakes in order to grow. She’ll guide you and sometimes push you – to get you where you need to go to get work. Beth is also a brilliant coach for voice demos. You have an actor talking to you in your language in the studio. Beth can get you to think you’re an acting genius. You don’t have to translate the awkward words of a well meaning engineer, or someone from outside the actor’s realm to get to the gold. I am a true fan because Beth has integrity as a business person, artist and friend.”  (Colleen Barrett)

“Beth has been instrumental in helping me reshape my approach to on-camera and voice-over work.  With Beth’s guidance I have been able to find a deeper connection with the characters I play, which has translated to more authenticity and credibility in performance.  It’s not just because she’s played Annie Sullivan on stage that I call her my ‘miracle worker.’”  (Rick Muehlbach)

“There are not enough positive adjectives to describe yesterday’s VO coaching session!  I knew you were a talented VO actor, but never knew what an awesome teacher you are!  Your knowledge, style, and insights were so helpful…and I learned so much.”   (Carol Osnes)

“Beth, thank you for the outstanding advice and coaching on my VO career. My auditions are better, the number of gigs has gone up since we worked together, and I have to give some credit to you and the sessions we had. You helped me focus and get out of my “comfort zone.” You are always a pleasure to work with and your gentle prods to get me moving in the right direction are more than appreciated. Thank you.”  (Paul Kraimer)

“After reading Beth’s wonderful book, I was eager to meet the author who shared so much wisdom in The Acting Biz: A Career Guide to the Twin Cities. I have since had the pleasure of taking voice-over and ear prompter classes with Beth. Her incredible insight into the industry and talent is only surpassed by her warmth and desire to share her knowledge in her classes. She fully engages every student, tailoring her instruction to everyone’s individual needs. Each lesson is chalked full of useful, succinct advice that can easy be applied to voice over, on-camera work, and stage work. Her classes mirror Beth’s professional, welcoming, interesting, and genuine personality. Speaking personally, she has been a true mentor and inspires me to continue to act and work at the craft daily.” (Janine Hegarty)

“I have worked with Beth both one on one and in a class situation. She has an amazing ear to ferret out the phony and the great gift of providing a comfortable environment to inspire the genuine in everyone she works with.”   (Kathleen Humphrey)


“Thank you soooooooooooooo much for talking with my class. You were absolutely fabulous. Your knowledge and experience coupled with your enormous enthusiasm and generosity was such a gift to us. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anyone speak so realistically and yet so follow-your-dream-ily at the same time.” (Candace Barrett Birk, actress and teaching artist)