The Acting Biz:
A Career Guide to the Twin Cities

Content Updates

The Second Edition of The Acting Biz: A Career Guide to the Twin Cities is coming soon  —  publication is planned for early 2019!  There are many changes and updates coming in the next edition!


Chapter 7: Auditioning

Page 127:
“Why can’t I get scripts ahead of time?”  “… for most commercial and industrial auditions you will get nothing in advance.”

Carol at Moore Creative e-mailed this clarification. (Thanks, Carol!)  Casting directors and some industrial clients may send copy to your agent in advance of the audition — and your agent will then forward to you.  Though you still need to cold read for some auditions, it’s becoming more common that you’ll receive copy via e-mail.  If you do, be sure to print it out, prepare, and bring your copy to the audition.  If you’re given the gift a script in advance, take full advantage!


Chapter 9: Training and Classes (p. 176)

Sadly, The Play by Play Bookstore and Opening Night Gifts has closed.


Appendix A: Agents (p. 277)

The address listed for Meredith Model and Talent has changed:

Meredith Model and Talent
380 Jackson Street, Suite 720
St. Paul, MN  55101
651 224 9555
agents [at] meredithagency [dot] com

Appendix A: Agents (p. 278)

Wehmann Models/Talent, Inc. now represents some Fi-Core actors.


Appendix B: Casting Directors (p. 279)

Bab’s Casting has moved!  New address:
2637 27th Ave. S.,
Minneapolis, MN  55406
See the map and directions at


Appendix D: Headshot Photographers and Printers (p. 283)

There’s a new photographer in town.  Add Susan to the list of other great headshot photographers in Appendix D.

Susan Tadewald Fine Art Photography


Appendix F:  Classes and Training (p. 286)

The Actors’ Workout

Facilitated by Guthrie professional Raye Birk, this is a GREAT option for professional, experienced actors.  From the website:  “this is an on-going class offered in association with the Guthrie Theater for professionally oriented actors and theater artists in the Twin Cities.”  Audition required.  See the website for details.


Appendix G: Theaters

The Twin Cities theater scene is constantly changing.  I’ll keep up with specific changes here as much as possible!  If you know about changes, particularly new theaters, send me an e-mail via the link on this site!

(p. 311 and p. 319) SteppingStone Theatre’s address is
55 Victoria Street North (not Victoria Avenue!)

(p. 311) Starting Gate Productions staged their final show, “Our Country’s Good” in the spring of 2010.  I attended their first show in 2002 (“A Lie of the Mind”) along with several others during the past 8 years. Thanks for all of the excellent work!

(p. 316) Heritage Theater Company in Little Canada lost its venue and has had to discontinue their 2010 season.  They hope to return in the future.  Watch the website for updates.


Appendix H: Voice-over Demos and Production (p. 321)

There are two great options for voice-over coaching that are not listed in the book.

Sarah Jones-Larson is a talented voice-over artist (and friend) who’s been working in the business for 25 years.  Visit her website for lots of great information, including her class options.

Beth Chaplin (yes, yours truly).  I occasionally offer voice-over and on-camera spokesperson training.  Click on “Classes” to see the details.  Sign up for my newsletter to get monthly updates: click on “Newsletter.” Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.  Beth [at] bethchaplin [dot] com


Appendix L: Related Organizations (p. 335)

The Play by Play Bookstore and Opening Night Gifts has closed.

Appendix O: Acting Related Jobs and Tours to schools (p. 340)

There’s an error on page 340.  The National Theatre for Children should be a separate entry.  As printed, it appears that this entry is a subset of Climb Theatre.

The National Theatre for Children ( should be in bold as a separate entry.

The National Theatre for Children (NTC), formerly known as Small Change Theatre, has been based in Minneapolis since 1978 and has grown to be the largest in-school touring educational theatre in the world and performs for millions of kids every year. We hire close to 80 actors a year and offer competitive salary and per diem.