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Voiceover Demo Coaching

I don’t want to help with your demo if you’re not ready compete in the VO business.

Your voiceover demo is your most important marketing tool.  Demos can be expensive to produce.  If you don’t have the experience and training to make you marketable in VO, then I don’t feel right about taking your money.  When I help actors or new VO artists with demos, most often an agency has sent them to me.  If you don’t have agency representation, I’ll ask about your background before we schedule a recording. If I determine that you’re not ready, I’ll do my best to recommend further training and resources.

Audio engineer and studio time is expensive.  Often, the audio engineer can help with a little direction during a session. However, the engineer’s job is to record your reads and edit them together (with appropriate music and sound effects) — not necessarily to direct your work.  Some talent find it helpful to include a coach in the demo production process.

I offer the following services:

Demo critiques (in person or via e-mail)
Copy selection advice (in person or via e-mail)
Coordinating the schedule with the audio engineer
In studio coaching at the recording studio of your choice
Post-recording critique and suggestions for the final version of your voiceover demo.

A la carte: $100 per hour
Full demo coaching package – all of the above services to culminate in your finished commercial and narration demo: $350
(Does not include audio engineer’s fees.)

Here are some of the demos I’ve coached.  (Since 2010, I have coached several voice talent on the NUTS, ltd. exclusive voiceover talent roster.)  I assisted with copy selection and participated in the recording sessions. (Please note: these talent have previous acting, performing and/or voiceover experience. I cannot guarantee that your demo will be comparable in quality.  The success of your voiceover demo will be based largely on your voice, talent, experience and training. If I don’t feel you’re ready to record a demo, I’ll advise you to wait until you have more experience.)

Contact Beth to discuss your next voiceover demo.

Payton Woodson Commercial Demo

Payton Woodson Narrative Demo

Chad David Commercial Demo

Chad David Narrative Demo

Adelin Phelps Commercial Demo

Adelin Phelps Narrative Demo

Vanessa Dembo Narrative Demo (Yes, I coach Spanish speakers, too.)