The Acting Biz:
A Career Guide to the Twin Cities

So, you want to be a voiceover artist…

Do you have what it takes? What are your odds? Here’s some food for thought.

Examine your talent and skill objectively. To be a successful voice talent, you need at least some, if not all of these qualities:
1. A great voice ― smooth, clear, rich, easy on the ears.
2. A likeable voice – the lovable guy or gal next door.
3. An interesting voice ― raspy, cute and perky, deep and gravelly, etc.
4. Excellent cold reading ability.
5. Excellent diction and enunciation, yet with the ability to sound casual and conversational.
6. Acting talent and skill.
7. Ability to take direction and immediately translate it into performance. (“Speed it up,” “slow it down,” “warmer,” “brighter,” “more energy,” “more conversational,” “more intimate,” etc.)
8. Consistency, flexibility and spontaneity ― all at the same time.

Yes, voice-over work is great work if you can get it. But, as Harlan Hogan (well-know VO actor and author) says: “The work of voice-over is getting the work.” How badly do you want it? How hard are you willing to work to get the work?

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