The Acting Biz:
A Career Guide to the Twin Cities

The primary job of the voice talent.

To communicate.

Here’s a common erroneous assumption made by most new VO talent (and, indeed, some experienced talent): “It’s about the sound of my voice – and making the words sound good.”

Thus, the voice actor will read the words and concentrate on how they sound… a very self-conscious pursuit. When I teach, I can spot this tendency before the third sentence of the copy. (I even hear it occasionally coming from my radio or TV!)

When the actor shifts focus to communication and meaning, it’s often an epiphany. They hear the difference immediately. Listen to national broadcast voiceovers… yes, they sound great – but the message is clear. The meaning and importance of the communication goes hand in hand with the great sound. Successful voiceover artists get this.

It’s about communication. It’s about the client’s message. Your job is to communicate that message clearly, with the importance intended by the writer or client.

Think about it. The client is paying the talent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to read their copy. They pay the studio hundreds of dollars to record and edit. They often pay thousands to the camera crew to shoot the accompanying video images. In the case of radio and TV, they pay tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to broadcast the message to the masses.

Tens of thousands of dollars. Is it really about the sound of your voice?


It’s all about the client’s message. You must make it about the client’s message.

The sound of your voice is your technique. Communication is your art. They pay you to bring both.

More on how to do that soon…

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